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About Us

Circle of friends Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the construction site, software product development, technological innovation and website optimization, primarily serving small and medium enterprises, to provide site planning, site design, information applications, mobile applications, mobile web design, self-service terminals software, search engine optimization SEO diversified services. At the same time, the company continued technical and application breakthroughs and innovation, "business establishment" as the basis, the formation of a "building site - web design - web promotion" one-stop chain service.

Circle of friends network focused on building marketing website, after a long period of accumulation and research, developed a new circle of friends network standard marketing website for chaotic marketing website construction industry has set a new benchmark. In order to give more SMEs to provide safer, more stable, easier to optimize the amount of higher inquiry marketing website.

Circle of friends network to ensure that each link has a fine establishment of operational services, at the same time develop a rapid and effective system operations on behalf of incubation services to ensure that the positioning system, the marketing website system, marketing system, network operating system four profit model landing system implementation, for SMEs to create a more secure and stable whole network marketing money-making machines.


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Bent tempered architectural glass represents the future trend in construction and facade materials, and has seen rapid growth in worldwide demand.Exceptional technology of our equipment adjusts the bending radius and control system parameters to achieve cylindrical and curved glass shapes. The glass is heated to the correct temperature in the precisely controlled furnace, and ensures an outstandin…


Heat soak furnace is to detect occasional occurrence of nickel sulfide (NiS) inclusions in tempered glass. Under strictly controlled temperatures, high- temperature a -NiS converts to low-temperature B-NiS which accompanies a 2.4% expansion in volume and causes the glass to break if NiS inclusion is located at tensile stress. The test reduces the frequency and risk of spontaneous breakage of tempe…

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